WisdoMania Foundation helps educate our community about mental health by teaching coping skills through creativity & self-care. Check out our offerings!

Songwriting for Wellness

Our workshop incorporates reflection, breath-work, meditation, songwriting, performance, and mental health resources. This class is open for all levels and intended for all ages starting at 11 years old.

When possible we record & release songs written at our workshops! All attendees are credited as songwriters. On National Coming Out Day we released the song we wrote at our Songwriting Workshop powered by She Is the Music at WisdoMania Fest. It’s called “It Gets Better” and is dedicated to LGBTQ+ Youth non-profit It Gets Better.

Custom Wellness & Art Days

You can customize your own event!

Collaborate with WisdoMania Foundation to create your own wellness & arts event by choosing any of the powerful activations listed below.  Scroll through our menu of activities beneath and reach out.


Guided therapeutic breathing techniques with the purpose of relaxation, meditation, and self-regulation.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is used as a tool to open your heart, access your inner wisdom, and increase the connection to your spirit.


Let loose, release energy, and express yourself freely. Dancing releases dopamine, a hormone that makes you happy!

Drum Circle

Drumming is sweet for the mind, body & soul. It relieves stress and allows you to lose yourself in the rhythm.


Improv is not only for fun! It helps us regulate anxiety, improve creativity, and increases our ability to cope with uncertainty.

Intention Setting

Setting goals helps us manifest our dreams. Focusing on what we want to attract inspires clarity, positivity, and hope.


Writing is a healthy outlet to get thoughts out of our heads.. Reflection reduces anxiety and stress and increases self-confidence.


Our thoughts manifest our reality. When we feel motivated and capable of manifesting goals we improve our mental health.


Meditation helps reduce stress & negative emotions and increases imagination, creativity, self-awareness, and patience.


You are what you eat. Learn how to optimize your diet to yield physical health and mental health benefits to improve your life.

Pound Unplugged

Blending 20 minutes of high-intensity training with 10 minutes of rhythmic breathing, mindfulness and meditation, POUND Unplugged will make you sweat, release, and boost neurochemicals before quickly settling back into a peaceful, recharged, and empowered state. All within 30 minutes.


Reiki is an energy healing technique using hand movements and focused intention to guide the flow of energy throughout the body, which promotes healing and reduces stress.


Massage has many health benefits such as reducing depression & stress by releasing serotonin and dopamine to promote wellbeing.

Somatic Therapy

Trauma is stored in both the body and mind. Somatic therapy uses techniques to connect us to our body for a cathartic release.

Songwriting for Wellness

Reflection, breath-work, meditation, songwriting, performance & mental health resources.


Instruments for sound therapy, such as tuning forks & singing bowls, relieve stress and anxiety and improve mood, sleep, and focus.


Sharing our lived experiences with mental health normalizes the conversation, reduces stigma, and allows others to feel not alone.

Theater Workshop

Learn how to harness your creativity through song, dance, and/or acting in a fun and safe group environment.

Visual Arts Therapy

Get creative through painting or drawing and enjoy the simultaneous benefit of boosting your mental health & critical thinking.

Vocal Toning

Connecting with our voice in a variety of ways, such as humming & vowel sounds, yields many mental health benefits.


Stretch and strengthen your body and mind to increase concentration, self-awareness, recenter, & gain clarity.

WisdoMania Fest

WisdoMania Fest is an immersive mental health & arts festival in Mental Health Month (May). To learn more visit our WisdoMania Fest page.