WisdoMania Fest

WisdoMania Fest is an immersive wellness & arts festival in May (Mental Health Month).

WisdoMania Fest is back in LA on May 17 & 19, 2024!


At WisdoMania Fest we will channel our Pain into Power to transmute our burdens into our blessings through creativity, self-care, intentional education & entertainment. You will leave with newfound wisdom by expanding your coping skills and creative outlets to new heights.

When we unite to do the inner work required to raise our vibrations, we ignite mass growth that can help heal us and the world. Are you ready for it?

At WisdoMania Fest You’ll Find:

Creative Workshops (such as songwriting, art therapy, dance, and more)

Self Care Session (yoga, meditation, sound baths, and more)

Live Music & Comedy featuring a lineup of LGBTQIA+ performers

Mental Health Panels, Conversations & Resources

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